Here is how hypnosis helps: hypnosis is a natural state in which the mind is more suggestible. In fact, usually even without knowing it, we go in and out of different levels of hypnosis every day. When this state is used purposefully, you can enlist your subconscious to embrace your conscious goals and release what no longer serves you.

Practice some self love: Release stress, forgive yourself and others, and move on with living! Prepare for exams, sports competitions, quit smoking, improve public speaking skills, heal your old wounds or painful memories, restore balance, release anger, or get rid of fears. Use the power of your own mind to LET GO and achieve your personal goals.

Services are available in person or via Skype/phone

Hypnosis has been proven effective with many different issues. Here is a brief list:

Athletic Performance
Career Advancement
Childhood Difficulties
General Self Improvement
Learning Skills
Medical Procedures (Pre/Post Op)
Pain Management
Past Life Regression
Public Speaking
Relationship Attraction
Relaxing and Letting Go
Smoke Cessation
Stress Management
Tests/Exams Preparation
Writer’s Block

No issue is too small. Let me  know how I can help you.

Office of Hypnosis
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16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Sandy McCaul

    I have had a chronic cough for years and Drs have not been able to find any physical cause for it. Do you think hypnosis is worth a try?


    1. Absolutely, hypnosis is worth a try. Sometimes our bodies express psychological conflict or emotional distress in a form of a physical symptom. I will be happy to help you look into it from a different angle, working as a team with your doctors, because you, Sandy, deserve the best.


  2. David Dudash

    I would like to make an appointment. However, I live about 1.5 hrs away. I work nights, so I have to be back here by 2:30 pm. I am interested in past life regression.


  3. Cody

    I was wanting to make an appointment.
    I see that you guys do past life regression as well? I had been worked with and that area. Just 2 sessions but a lot came out.
    Anyway, I have a few things I need help with and wanted to see if you guys could help?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cody, yes, I do past life regressions as well. You are right, a lot can come out just in the first couple of sessions. I will be happy to help you. I have just emailed you as well. Looking forward to working with you.


  4. Angela McCoy

    Does this work to quit smoking? I’ve tried everything but still go back. Stress and depression cause me to start again and although super skeptical I am curious to try and how much to do this?


    1. Angela, yes, hypnosis helps to quit smoking, and it can also help with dealing with stress and feeling depressed, because, once you have those two under control, the desire to smoke often goes away. Feel free to contact me at Maria@officeofhypnosis.com. I will be happy to answer your questions.


  5. Chris N

    I’m curious about any unintended side effects of hypnosis. What are the pros AND cons of hypnosis therapy and how do you avoid any bad side effects ? As with any therapy, there are ways for this to be mishandled or abused. Thanks for any information.


    1. Chris, the effects of hypnosis are better self-control, and self-awareness, because it helps to establish clear communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind, so that you can better understand yourself, and know how to handle your own feelings with ease. Perhaps, the word “hypnosis” is not the best at describing the process. It is probably better to think of it as “mind coaching with autosuggestion,” or “ways to train your subconscious.” The negative side effect could be masking a new pain. Some types of pain are necessary to bring attention to processes inside the body that might need medical attention.

      Another possible effect would be taking the painful components out of a memory, so that a person could return to being in the present. They still remember what happened, but it doesn’t bother them anymore. I don’t know about any cases of mishandled or abused therapy, other than the government experiments that ended in the 50s. I suppose, any situations with drugs can be potentially dangerous. And that is what makes hypnosis so attractive. It allows one to gain control by natural means.

      It is great that you are doing your research to understand how the process works. When you are ready, you might experience hypnosis as a very efficient way of finding solutions. It feels like a very safe guided meditation, or a journey. Most people find it also very relaxing and very enjoyable.


  6. Yes, Zoey. I have helped many people who experienced trauma. Hypnosis is very useful for making memories less painful, and letting go of all the unpleasant feelings and emotions you might want to release. Call me at 651-270-7432 or email to schedule a brief conversation: maria@officeofhypnosis.com.


  7. Donia Caldwell

    I’ve seen a lot of areas you help with and I’m interested in quite a few. My main goal right now is to quit smoking cigarettes and stress management and writer’s block.


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