During and After Your Session

During Your Session

Your session will consist of two parts. The first part is an interview where we talk about the issues you would like to work on, the process, we discuss the questions you may have to your subconscious, or higher self. We may also talk about breathing techniques, use NLP, or other methods and tools that may be helpful. Whenever useful and appropriate, I will teach you tools you can use to achieve the same results consistently when I am not around. Depending on how much time we spend together, I may be able to show you various techniques of bringing yourself to the right state of mind to achieve the relaxed focus that is at the core of any hypnosis and meditation. The second part of the session will be hypnosis itself.

Your session is private. It is meant for you alone. Even though your partners, spouse, friends or children may want to witness your session, no one else will be permitted to stay and observe: it is important for you to feel safe and to know that your confidentiality will be preserved. Whatever is said during the interview stays there. If you don’t drive and somebody gives you a ride, they can leave and come back after you call them back in a couple of hours. There are plenty of coffee shops, stores and parks within walking distance. There are also several bus routs and a light rail station nearby.

Release all the expectations. Everybody is unique, and everybody’s sessions are different. We all take in information and respond to it in different ways. Trust that things are unfolding for you with the right pace and at the right time. The universe is opening up for you at the time and place that you are ready to embrace it. Sometimes it is best to take baby steps. Sometimes images and messages pour out fast. All you need to do is to allow it to happen, expect it, and enjoy it happening.

Most people stay relatively alert and aware of all the interactions that happen in hypnosis. However, sometimes your subconscious tells you amazing things about your life, health, purpose, the planet Earth, or the universe in general. To many it feels like working with dreams. You may want to remember all the colorful details, as they are vanishing with time. Sometimes a session feels like an Edgar Cayce’s reading, except that the person in hypnosis is doing the talking, as Maria asks questions. If you are interested in tapping into the universal (collective) consciousness, and if we do get to connect to your higher self, spirit guides, oversoul, source, or whatever word you find more appropriate, in order to capture all the details we will record that part of the session, so that you can refer to it later. Feel free to share your recording, but please do not upload it: I reserve all the rights to the recording. If you have a 16 GB USB flash drive, please bring it with you to copy the recording of your session. I will make every attempt to record the parts of the session that have to do with such deep connections. However, my main responsibility is to make sure the hypnotic work is done properly, so that you can experience hypnosis you came for. If there is an equipment malfunction, I will not stop a session in order to fix it.

After the session

After the session you may be in a very relaxed state. You may want to eat something and go for a walk for grounding. Please, listen to your session as often as you want, but not while driving.

Pay attention to the dreams you see after the session. They may be a way for your subconscious to maintain an open channel of communication with you. You may also notice more openness in receiving messages from your intuitive self that guide you through the path of least resistance. You may even experience the state of appreciation that feels like a bliss lasting for the whole day, or maybe even a few days. Allow yourself to enjoy it without questioning or overanalyzing it. This is the state of mind with which you might want to get familiar and comfortable, as it is at the basis of creating and manifesting your reality: It starts from a sense of being worthy, grateful, balanced, and just feeling good for no particular reason.

Sometimes it takes time to process what you just experienced. Sometimes, it takes time to create momentum to support the change that you have established. Just allow yourself to take time and to enjoy all the signs of transformation in the making, no matter how big or small, and know that it is on the way. Have faith in the process and in yourself.