Good Night Part One. Energy medicine is very effective in conjunction with hypnosis. Use these few simple movements if you need to stop overthinking, so that your mind can relax before going to bed, or whenever you may be feeling overwhelmed, or if you just have some extra energy you need to disperse when settling in.


Good Night Part Two. This is a visualization you can use to empty your mind, calm down and drift into sleep. Don’t listen to it when driving. Please, listen to it or watch it when you are safe and comfortable, preparing for a nap, or a good night sleep. I hope you come to your sessions rested, so that our work together is most productive.


How to Start a Day. These few simple steps will help you to put your mind and body in the right place, so that you can be productive and get the most out of your day. Enjoy.


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If you like my channel, remember to  subscribe to be notified of updates. Here you may find more useful tips. I don’t always record sessions, since some of them deal with very private issues. However, in Spiritual Hypnosis we often tap into the deeper levels of wisdom that concern the whole of humanity, issues of authenticity, courage, and personal truths, and what we need to do to evolve and grow as a human race, honoring our planet, and changing with it. You may be interested in booking a Spiritual Hypnosis Session, meeting your younger self to guide and encourage the child you used to be, contacting your older self for ideas, or talking to your spirit guides to find deeper meaning and purpose in life. Everyone is different and unique. Your subconscious may show you a message as a story, or it may provide a counselor to answer specific questions. If the messages you receive concern our human evolution and general universal wisdom, you may also enjoy sharing it with the world here:

Uncovering the Darkness. This session of 9/19/19 offered an encounter with some very unusual spirit guides that talk about the importance of sharing one’s truth and finding purpose.

Reconnecting with the Personal Inner Power. Session of 11/1/19: quitting smoking through releasing emotions, journey of forgiveness and restoring the personal power with some help from an unexpected source: Glen

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