How to Prepare for a Session

Think of what you would like to work on. What programming, habits, feelings or blocks would you like to remove? How would you like to feel instead?

Think of the questions you might like to ask.

Your subconscious mind has all the answers you may be looking for. It is capable of storing and processing much more information than you can consciously conceive of. What would you like to find out from your higher self? These should be questions about YOU. People often ask about their purpose on Earth, their mission, or tasks, lessons they should be learning in this life time, or simply how to proceed in achieving current goals most efficiently. You might want to ask for advice with your health, request information on how to improve it, find out if your current career path is the best for you, whether you need to move, change a job, or how to advance in a project. You can be as creative, as you wish. Feel free to ask anything you might want to know about life and the universe, or anything else that concerns you personally and humanity in general.

Wear comfortable clothes.

You may be in a reclining position in a big comfortable chair for most of the time. It is important to wear clothing that does not restrict your breathing and blood flow, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Eat a healthy snack before you come in.

Sessions often last around two hours, sometimes even longer, so, please make sure your blood sugar level is balanced, so that you are neither bouncing off the walls, nor falling into a sugar coma.

Let go of all expectations.

Intend to have a great session and allow it to happen. In order to experience hypnosis you need to be in the allowing state. It is impossible to hypnotize anyone against their will. In order for hypnosis to happen you have to be open to experiencing it, and open to following my directions. You will always be in control. (We will talk back and forth during the session. If you see images you were not expecting to see, that would be OK too. It will be your responsibility to mention them, so that we can address them during the session.) Hypnosis simply means an altered state. You will feel, and hear everything, as you see images unfold in your mind’s eye.  Unless you have been hypnotized before and know what to expect, chances are you will be surprised by how natural it feels. Let go of all expectations. The more open you are, the better it will feel. Most people enjoy that trance state so much, they do not want to get out of it.

Reduce your caffeine intake for a few days prior to your session.

The best results are attained in a relaxed state of mind and body. I will guide you through breathing and visualizations so that you can reach this relaxed state. However, if you are jazzed up with strong tea and coffee, you may not be able to relax sufficiently to participate fully.

Have a good night’s sleep.

Please, come rested. The state of hypnosis is a very natural state that occurs between being asleep and awake. Everyone is in hypnosis at least twice a day, as you wake up and right before you fall asleep. If you end up falling asleep in my chair, that would not mean a productive session, but rather a very expensive nap.

Come prepared, with an open mind, and a positive intention for a fulfilling experience. Get ready to be inspired. Give yourself permission to allow and enjoy it.

An exercise in relaxation and visualization.

Please, listen to this before your appointment. It might help you to get used to my voice, so that when we meet in person, you could go into trance even deeper and easier.