Solutions for Stress

Many people found the last few weeks around the elections very stressful and disappointing. Not everyone is happy with the results. And even those who are risk losing their friends and disengaging from the loved ones because of the heated arguments. Take a deep breath. Things are not as bad as they seem. I am happy to give you a stress relieving session so that you could put your worries aside, restore peace in your heart and reconcile.

On top of elections we have a few holidays on the way. Generally, people find the period from Thanksgiving through the New Year a very stressful one, even though we’re taught that it is supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. We often are confronted with numerous conflicts and inflated or unrealistic expectations, traffic, overeating, overspending and over-committing to parties and sending gifts.

Sometimes the Best Solution is the Simplest One. Remember to

  • Plan longer time cushions to leave for, and arrive to functions in a punctual manner.
  • Take a few minutes to write out what you can realistically accomplish during this busy time. Writing lists can assist in prioritizing what’s important and what’s not so important.
  • Make a budget for gift giving that fits your own budget to avoid unnecessary credit card balance buildup.
  • Practice assertive communication to be able to say “no” diplomatically and enforce your boundaries of contact or involvement. Remember, IT’S OK to say “NO.” You are responsible for your own happiness and peace. Practice self care, be kind to yourself and be mindful of your own needs. It’s OK to put yourself first now. If your energy is depleted, you won’t have anything to give. Concentrate on “filling your own cup” first. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing massage. Give yourself a gift.Start practicing loving kindness to yourself. And if you want to pick an issue you need to work on, or a goal you want to achieve, come and talk to me. Together, we can make it happen: Hypnosis is effective at turning the unknowns into knowns, as you visualize your goal in a very relaxed state without anxiety. Your subconscious mind cannot tell between reality and imagination. By imagining your goal accomplished you are adding another book to the library of your subconscious mind, and you learn how to access it whenever you need it. Hypnosis is also great at boosting self confidence. Most people need a little bit of self confidence work now and then. You can also give yourself a gift of working on your general self improvement goals with hypnosis. Think of what else you need to attract into your life, and what needs to be released as seasons change and the new year arrives bringing a new wonderful adventure. What will it be?

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