Is It OK to Do Nothing?

So often we force ourselves to work hard, take long hours, stay awake through the night, finishing up our tasks and chores. There is a pervasive myth in our culture, that in order to succeed one must work hard, one should sacrifice personal joy and comfort for the sake of achieving ambitious goals, making more money, providing more for the family… Have any of these statements shaped your reality and how you think about what you should or shouldn’t do?

Early bird gets the worm… We’ll sleep when we die… You will never amount to anything, unless you work hard…

What if I tell you, that none of that is true. The universe does not care about your early rising. It does not need you to deprive yourself of sleep. Many people schedule their lives around the hours that are comfortable for them. Many actors and dancers are happy to wake up at noon, as the peak of their productivity falls on night hours. You don’t even have to agree to take upon yourself every assignment that comes your way. There are other ways to create a sustainable life style without overextending and overexerting yourself. Perhaps you can cut some of your spending by moving into a smaller house, or start eating at home, making an investment that works for you, and allowing yourself to take more time for rest and play.

Scandinavian countries offer their citizens substantial vacations, based to this simple math: People that take plenty of time to rest, to unwind, and play, rarely get sick. Incidentally, there is another positive side effect of working less: they have a much lower divorce rate. Play time is essential for every child to learn, and for every adult to process. The sense of guilt imposed on us by societal mythology that makes us “pick ourselves up by out bootstraps” and  work without proper rest at all times, prevents us from having our essential needs met, undermining health, and shortening lives.

Limiting beliefs are like a tunnel. By subscribing to a limiting belief, you eliminate many doors, and many options from your field of view. These options become unavailable as long as you conceptualize your reality in this exclusive way. When you open up to accepting yourself with all your quirks and needs, no matter how big or small, the tunnel fades away and you start noticing a variety of options that have always been there. So, yes, if you need to rest, it is perfectly acceptable, in fact, it is even mandatory, that you allow yourself to do nothing, decompress, vegetate, listen to your body and do what it asks. The mind lies, the body tells the truth. The mind, being a subservient creature, will obligingly make up any story to justify your beliefs, actions or decisions.

All events and decisions are neutral. The universe does not care what decision you chose to make, and how you organize your life. It loves you unconditionally. The only mantra you need to remember is this, “Never SHOULD yourself.” Fall in love with yourself, and allow yourself to be loved the way you want to be loved. Allow yourself to enjoy this time fully. You are unique and a gift to the world just the way you are. By being kind to yourself and allowing yourself to be exactly who you are and do exactly what you need in this moment without judgement you are allowing yourself to love yourself unconditionally. This unconditional love creates awareness that opens you up to an ability to love another. It is not unlike forming a skill, an exercise in loving acceptance. Meet your needs fully, so that you could accept the needs of others without judgement, and allow them to be who they are. This unconditional acceptance and love that starts with the self, creates trust, that is an essential component of a balanced relationship, be it a relationship with yourself, or with the world.

So, yes, enjoy yourself, and do nothing, whenever you feel like it. YOU are creating your own reality that suits who you are.

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