As the word itself suggests, responsibility is being able to respond. You are responsible for the state you create: the way you think determines how you feel. What have you been telling yourself lately? Have you been mindlessly repeating some disparaging comments you might have heard as a child, or have you been reminding yourself, “things always work out for me. I know I can, why wouldn’t I deserve success, happiness, and love?”

You can choose to concentrate on changing how you feel, as this is the only thing you are really responsible for. Instead of reacting to unwanted situations that trigger you, you can choose to take a deep breath, pause, and to respond in a way that you would like to respond. In order to make that happen you must first decide how you would like to feel. What will it look like when you respond in a calm composed manner? What will it sound, like? How else will you know you are responding calmly, the way you want? Who else will notice it? How will it affect them?

You can choose to dedicate your attention to all these questions, getting yourself ready to be ready to achieve change. Hypnosis is a great tool to achieve your goals, as it allows you to focus attention on what you want to accomplish in a very productive way. A hypnotist cannot force you to change. However, a hypnotist can show you how to do it and how to train your subconscious mind to be on board with your conscious goals.

You will be doing the work. I will be guiding you in the process, showing you how to breathe, what to say to yourself, what images/sounds to create in your mind, sometimes even what movements or steps to take to get grounded, reframe your thought patterns, and release deep-rooted emotions that might have gotten stuck, so that you can free yourself, and move forward to where and how you want to be with confidence.

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