Hypnosis is a Dance

Hypnosis is not something I would do TO you. It is something WE do together. It is a process of communication and collaboration. I cannot force you to go into trance, nor would I want to. However, I can show you how to go into trance in order to get fully connected to your subconscious mind, sort out the blocks, and ask your inner wisdom to find better strategies to reach your current goals.

I do hypnosis a little different from other practitioners. When you are in trance in my office, we keep talking throughout the whole session: It helps me knowing where you are in the process, so that I can direct you better in your quest. I will guide you on how to relax your mind and body and how to go deeper within to experience your journey deeply relaxed. Most people enjoy the trance so much, they want to stay in it longer, because, when you are relaxed very deeply, it gives a signal to the body that it is safe to start renewing, restoring and repairing itself, engaging it’s natural healing powers, and tapping into solutions. And when you learn how to do it for yourself, you become more resilient and able to function with ease and calm even in stressful situations, because by then you have already established a channel of communication with your subconscious that does its best for you, finding solutions calmly and comfortably, with patience and kindness towards yourself and others.

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